The extensive grounds at Howard House School

So far this term at Howard House School

English; Letasha and Abby:

This term students have studied Realist Literature, ranging from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to Willy Russells’ Blood Brothers. Both texts have been used to depict representations of social class and poverty in Britain. The teaching and learning for KS3 has focused on reading for meaning, identifying both implicit and explicit information, revising and learning features of language and structure, and practicing transactional writing skills. Next term all groups will be stretched to build on their reading and writing skills, using another novel which will further link to the British Values which we instill into each student.

Mathematics; Jacqueline and Arthur:

This term has been a very important time for Maths. With >33.3%’ of the national curriculum focused on Algebra, despite some resistance, students have worked through a range of key considerations in this subject area. Learning has included ‘linear equations’, ‘simplification of equations and expansion’, ‘indices and exponents’, ‘straight-line graphs’ and higher end work on ‘quadratics

Next term they will cover a range of topics for their level 2 functional skills Maths qualification. Some students have covered negative numbers, long multiplication, subtraction, area and measurement.

Science; Derek and Justin:

This term our Key Stage 3 and 4 students have been working on the AQA Entry Level Single Award for Science. All students reacted positively to their learning and have shown some great progress. Initially, the term started with a focus on ‘Biology’ and ‘the human body’ looking at the ‘cardiovascular’, ‘respiratory’, and ‘control systems’, including diseases in the body. Next term we will be covering ‘Chemistry’, looking firstly at the ‘Periodic Table’, ‘atomic structure’, ‘electronic structure’, ‘metals and non-metals’, ‘bonding’, ‘the states of matter’ and ‘balancing chemical equations’. It is all going off with a bang! Next term we are going to be looking at the properties of metals, chemical changes, neutralisation of acids, energy changes and rates of reaction. It’s all going off with a bang!

Humanities; Jack and Michael:

This term in humanities, the students have been working towards gaining an entry level 2 or entry level 3 qualification which will then allow some students to work towards a GCSE in geography. Topics covered so far this year include ‘Contentious Issues in the Modern World’ ‘The Effects of Consumerism’ ‘Historical Change Over Time’ ‘Changing Population’ and ‘Important Ceremonies in Life and Death’. Please if you can, encourage your young person to actively engage in humanities outside the classroom – whether that is through watching documentaries, Next term will be studying ‘eco-systems’ and ‘taking a role in society’.

PSE; Justin:

The students who are doing Personal, Social, and Health Education are completing an ongoing assessment throughout the year, either doing their AQA Level 1 award or AQA Level 1 certificate. This term, ‘Action Planning’ and ‘Drugs Education’ were covered. ‘Action Planning’ focused on identifying their skills and qualities and how these skills and qualities would support them in not only extending their education, but also in employment for jobs. ‘Drugs Education’ covered the dangers of alcohol and tobacco, misuse of legal drugs and dangers of illegal drugs. Next term we are going to be covering ‘Sex and Relationship Education’.

Exam Board; Hazel:

This term some students sat the following exams:

Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics.

Next Term students will sit the following exams (please support your young persons by encouraging them to revise):

January 2020 – Functional Skills English and Mathematics Level 1.