Our Staff

All of our staff are very experienced in working effectively with vulnerable teenagers

Our staff are our biggest asset

All of our staff are very experienced in working effectively with vulnerable students who have learning difficulties and/or social and emotional development issues caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our skilled and dedicated staff tailor individual behaviour management strategies to improve students’ trust, self-esteem and confidence.

Our team provide therapeutic opportunities to enable students to unpick and think about their difficult feelings so that they can understand their behaviour and internal conflicts. This enables our students to develop their ability to build relationships, understand their feelings, manage their own behaviour and eventually become motivated and enthusiastic learners, prepared for a successful life beyond school.

The staff receive training in a variety of areas such as the effective use of attachment theory, systemic theory and mental health needs. Staff are also kept up to date with the importance that neuroscience has to play in our understanding of child development.

We pride ourselves in investing in the staff team by providing regular training, both internal and external, offering supervision and support.

The physical and mental health of our staff is exceptionally important. Some of the staff activities we offer are:

  1. staff physical health activities – swimming, football, cricket, boxing, surfing, etc
  2. staff mental health activites – half termly use of qualified and experienced educational psychologist and performance coach
  3. team building activities – team quiz nights, cooking competitions and team sports

These activities, alongside a supportive appraisal system, enables our staff to thrive, improve upon their performance and meet their careers aspirations. Something all the visitors realise when they visit Howard House school is the genuine team spirit (we support and challenge each other) and the high level of professionalism.   

Charlotte de Oliveira

Head Teacher
Picture of Justin McComb

Justin McComb

Senior Leader
Picture of Adam Edgar

Adam Edgar

Subject Lead

Hannah Moses

Subject Associate

Jaymie Smith

Evie Herold

Kieran Laws

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Jay Errington

Picture Letasha Merrin

Letasha Merrin

Senior Leader

Courtney Stewart

Ethan Bell

Deborah Hudson

Gillian Bott

Michelle Douglas

Hira Hashim

Picture of Hazel Redford

Hazel Redford

Senior Leader
Picture of Shanileze Prinsloo

Shanileze Prinsloo

Senior Leader
Picture of Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Subject Lead

Amy Hopkinson

Ben Gaffney

Lynn Minikin

Donna Halliday

Picture of Abby Bell

Abby Bell

Senior Leader
Picture of Megan Eaton

Megan Eaton

Apprentice Subject Associate

David Kennedy

Cook and Learning Mentor

Leslie Gordon

Laura Brown

Michael Chapman

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Charlotte Stone