About Us

Howard House School aims to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical perception and respect for learning.


“culture eats strategy for breakfast” – this is a famous quote delivered by Peter Drucker. The culture at our school is driven by our aspirations for our students and staff, which is best defined by our motto “excellence by any measure”.

The School DNA - Together - Stronger

To support our students and staff, we have developed our in-house ‘R.I.S.E’ strategy.
R.I.S.E stands for:

Respect / Respectful

Someone who is polite and understands that all people deserve to be kept safe and listened to.

Inspire / Inspirational

Someone who is able to withstand difficult situations and produce positive outcomes.

Support / Supportive

Someone who is willing to help others, irrelevant of differences; race, religion, beliefs.

Effort / Endeavour

Someone who is resilient; they refuse to give up on challenges. They do not fear failure.

Every child is a unique individual

During their time at Howard House School, some students may have additional needs relating to their learning, physical or mental health. We want all students, regardless of any special educational need or disability, to experience educational success and to feel that they are a valued member of Howard House School.

To this end, we recognise and allow for individual differences between students, understanding that:

Students with Education, Health and Care Plans, are given extra support according to their particular circumstances, and parents/carers are kept fully informed of such arrangements, with regular reviews throughout the academic year.

Students may receive numeracy or literacy intervention, which focuses on developing functional skills, using a range of programmes, delivered by both teaching staff and support staff. In addition, we work closely with external agencies, to ensure we provide the best support for your child.  

A craft activity at Howard House School
Pupils value what the school provides for them and the positive relationships they have with teachers and other staff. When asked what he likes about the school, by the inspector, a pupil replied, ‘What is there not to like?’

OfSTED Inspection – March 2019

Our vision, ethos, and values

Howard House School aims to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical perception and respect for learning. We strongly encourage individual responsibility, self-esteem and confidence as well as care, concern and respect for others.

We believe it is our duty to promote the development of personal values to help meet the challenges of a complex world and to encourage a commitment to contributing positively to the community and wider society.

To do this, we provide appropriate challenge and accreditation opportunities, to develop the personal resources necessary to be happy and successful in a world that can present challenges.

We would like all our students to respect and celebrate the differences between people, and to question reasonably, but to treat with compassion and understanding the position of others. Our students are encouraged to be flexible thinkers and to become life-long learners.

The entrance to Howard House School

Trust underpins the strong relationships that exist between staff and pupils. The good social skills modelled by staff permeate throughout the school. This helps pupils build their self-esteem and interact positively with others.

OfSTED Inspection – March 2019