Our Curriculum

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum individually tailored to the needs of the young person.

Our ambitious curriculum

At Howard House School, we encourage all students, regardless of their ability, to work hard and reach their full potential, by providing them with a challenging curriculum that allows them to stretch themselves.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, individually tailored to meet the needs of our students. Our curriculum is ambitious and does not aim to cap the potential of our students, but rather help them realise it.

Where possible, our curriculum follows the guidelines of the National Curriculum and we will strive to ensure that the young person works at or towards their appropriate Key Stage.

The curriculum has been expanded to deliver differentiated qualifications:

The aim is to further develop the curriculum by creating an in-house award to encourage further creativity and curiosity – this qualification will involve Cookery, Food Hygiene, Art, and Design and Technology. This curriculum has been created due to job opportunities in the area – Engineering and Hospitality, these subjects are essential and will improve their employability.

The extra-curricular programme at Howard House School has multiple aims: close the cultural gap that many of our students have, support and promote good and improving behaviour, encourage a healthy life style and promote good social skills. The extra-curricular programme also entails a residential trip away from the School – these can take place in the United Kingdom or abroad (where students are encouraged to learn and use the language of the host country).

Children enjoying a cookery class, at Howard House School
The extensive grounds at Howard House School
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